Clear Glass Trees

Small Clear Iridized Christmas Tree


Sculpted by hand from solid lead free crystal, our trees stand approximately 5.5-6″ tall.  Because we don’t sell these through vendors, we can offer these as the lowest possible price for handmade items. You can buy direct from our studio and save.

Sculpted entirely by hand in our Virginia studio from solid molten glass, these clear crystal trees shimmer with rainbow hues, making them look like they have been coated with ice.  Standing approximately 5.5-6″ tall, our trees are made from our spectacular water-clear lead free crystal.  No two are exactly alike.  Make sure to see all our colors and sizes.  These trees are sure to become heirloom pieces and are wonderful for centerpieces and other holiday decorating (tip: illuminate these with a light box and you can turn these into spectacular mood lights when the lights are low!). Make wonderful gifts.  Buy direct from the artisan and save. Signed and dated by Parker Stafford.

Small Clear Iridized Christmas Tree

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