Make Your Pumpkin


Our pumpkin class is available in October. Sweet!

From September to October, we offer this popular Fall activity.  Choose from a variety of color applications, and stem colors.  You will work with our glassblower in making your own blown glass pumpkin!  Each pumpkin in this class is about 5 inches tall and 5 inches wide (approximately).  Since every piece is unique, you will have a wonderful keepsake for years to come (as well as bragging rights that you wrestled molten lava into a beautiful crystal creation!).  Pieces can be made with transparent or opaque colors and no combination is too wild to consider (as long as we have it in stock-we stock a lot of color combinations!).

This class is more involved than our ornament class, so any participant age 13 and up can take part.  This class will take about an hour and you will work one-on-one with our glassblower to make sure that you get a piece that you can be proud of.  Yes, some steps are done by our glassblower, but most of the work our students will get to do.  Pumpkins take teamwork! Every appointment made allows for one pumpkin to be made (and one person at a time) so if you are coming with a group make sure you book each person in consecutive time slots.  If you would like to make a bunch of pumpkins yourself, simply book a session for each piece that you want to make.

Pieces made during your session must be annealed in our ovens and are available two days after your appointment time.  Wear cotton clothing and shoes that cover your feet.  Bring cameras and your friends to cheer you on!

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Make Your Pumpkin

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