Journey Glass

At the end of a loved ones life we often seek ways to work through the grief and to find ways to remember them.  I developed Journey Glass after friends began coming to me requesting if I could encapsulate the funerary ash of their loved ones in solid glass.  For as hard as it is to lose someone, these pieces are a way to help make a bridge between grief and “moving forward.” I am now extending this service to the public.

Available in three colors, my use of dichroic glass creates an etherial effect.  The dichroic will also shift and change color slightly in the light, a property unique to this material, which was originally designed for the Apollo moon program.  Dichroic will not change color (except as it shifts relative to the light source) nor will it ever fade.   Four colors are currently available in silver, gold, teal green and blue (not pictured).  More colors may become available in the future.

Since we do not sell through funeral homes, I can offer you the best price possible for the work.  Our first piece made for you is $65.00 for a 3.5 inch clear sphere, additional pieces ordered at the same time are just $45.00.  The reason for the difference between one and many is two-fold:  when we make your piece, no other pieces are made in the studio at that time.  All other work must come to a halt. Your piece (s) are put into the kiln to cool on their own with no other work in order that we can carefully track your pieces through the studio.  If we can add more pieces during this process, then the price goes down because we are not having to run a cooling oven just for your single piece. Second, most of our customers have ordered pieces for family, which gives us a convenient way to offer you discounts for multiple items. This provides our customers with great work at a good value when ordering more than one piece.

To order, contact us below for our coupon code prior to ordering.  Then, you will need to package your ash in a container so that it will travel safely to us and send it to us through the mail. Please contact us for details on how to most safely send us your ash (for an order of six or less pieces half a teaspoon is all that is required)  Orders typically take between 10 days to two weeks to complete depending on the size of the order.  Upon completion of your order, the remaining ash will be returned to you when your order ships.

Journey Glass

Journey Glass for funerary ash available in a 3.5″ diameter sphere or egg.