Inscape Geode Medium Blue Clear


A sparkling inner landscape within a man made geode.

A world within a stone cut open to reveal its watery interior. Approximately 4.5 inches in diameter. Each piece has facets on its back for displaying in a variety of positions. The lens is ground by hand with a curve to gently magnify the interior, resulting in being able to see the contents even when viewed at an acute angle. The lens on each piece is ground meticulously by hand. We do not know anyone who is able to hand-grind lenses on pieces like ours while maintaining a steady magnification without distortions present. The interior has a base of blue with marine elements springing up like exotic corals or tube worms from another world. Swimming through are sometimes fish-like forms and other times our “biomorphs” a type of life form that is in the process of transformation. Every piece is unique, and no two are exactly the same, an element that separates this body of work from most of what the studio makes. Each piece is signed and dated, arrives gift boxed and includes a story card. All work is backed by our unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Like a stone cut open to reveal a watery world within, the Inscape is a treasure beyond measure. Available in four colors, a black or clear outer shell, and three sizes. The lens of this solid piece of glass is meticulously ground and polished for a gentle magnification of the interior in the small and medium pieces, which helps to gather more light than a flat window and allows it to be viewed from an acute angle. Large Geodes come with a flat polished window. Multiple facets along the backside of these pieces allow the owner to proudly display the piece in different orientations.  No two geodes are exactly the same.  Each piece comes with a story card and is signed and dated.  Made in the U.S.A. in our studios in Virginia.

Inscape Geode Medium Blue Clear

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