Fiamma Vase Series
Fiamma Vase Series

What you see is what you get. Each is one of a kind.

Fiamma Vase Series

Each piece is unique; each one has its own story to tell. We compose each one not in dogged similarity, but with a light hand and a new tale to tell. As a result, we make each piece unique, but all are related to each other in the line. Dichroic glass is layered using patterns and complicated overlays that create a contemporary rhythm over thick black glass. Lighting these is simple because of the highly reflective quality of the dichroic elements; these pieces do well even in low light. That said, the more light you put on them, the brighter they will shine. No two pieces are exactly the same.

• Hand-blown
• Made In The U.S.A.
• Story Card
• Signed & Dated