Find It In The Moment

imageIt is possible to know the inspired in the moment.  It is possible to feel yourself suspended in the moment in a place that you have never known or realized was even possible.  It is the impulse behind all religion for it is surely a religious experience but without the dogma.  And so, you see, this has been what has interested me about art….when those moments of inspiration would come, I knew there was something about it that was like…..well….I wont say it was like talking to God….no….but it was something that I knew I ressonated with.  I found that when I learned how to sustain this moment of inspiration so that it entered into my life as a steady state level of energy, it began to take it apart.  My life that is.  But the advantage was that is made it more possible for me to do what I had always been interested in.  it changed how I saw or understood some things, too, which is that while religion is what humans have created, within each of us is a channel that makes it possible for each of us to know a reality that this larger and more inclusive then the one we have been taught exists. 

So artists can sometimes be incomprehensible sometimes…..sometimes by design because the truth is, some of us have mastered the cult of personality while others are interested in creating.  And for me, creating is where its at.  But I think that in creating we are much closer to this thing we each try to understand or explain or describe.  It is, for me, a bit of a mystery, and I want it to remain as such.  It isn’t that I don’t want to know it, I DO know it.  I enter into communion with it when I set aside what it is that I think I know.  And what I make is what I see that is beautiful in the world. 

©Parker Stafford

©Parker Stafford

All of this has evolved into a life project.  At first I thought it was so huge….but as time has moved along, I have come to see how self improvement is a way of honoring this great mystery that lies at the center of all of our impulses and desires to make up a deity.  And you know, it is all fairy tales as far as I am concerned because there is nothing that can contain this presence.  How we have chosen to envisage it is nothing short of a fable.  For me, I am interested in moving beyond the fable to the real world experience.  By creating, I am seeking to know the thoughts of God.  Sound a little over the top?  Not really.  Contained within each moment is a marvelous sense of presence that is the Tao that the Chinese mentioned but did not seek to describe in any great detail.  The Buddhists don’t even speak about a deity.  Perhaps it is because this presence is so ubiquitious within our thought, within the stars and atoms and in everything happening around us….the very stuff of our universe and all energy.  THAT is pretty ubiquitous, no? 

So what happens when in each moment you allow this kind of inspiring moment and presence into your life.  What would you create?  What would you do?  How would it make you?  How would it undo you?  Part of me wants to yell all of this at the tops of the roofs while another part of me wants to sit quietly in my backyard as I watch a hummingbird come up and touch my knee.  It might be selfish, but I think we each have the capacity to find this, so while I make my work, I do pray that each person here gets to know it at some point because this is the Bohdisattva’s (बोधिसत्त्व) impulse, which is to return to help bring the rest up into the same place it has found. It might be a form of arrogance that leads us to do that.  It might be  But it might also be the wonder and awe that such a presence instills.  This same impulse exists in every corner of the world regardless of the religion, though.  The desire to make it a better place here is a strong impulse. 

Nested Yin Form, Parker Stafford

This is why I do art.  It is why I do craft.  The act of observing that artists do, the looking, is the same type of look a man gives  a woman.  And THAT look, when allowed to ascend to its pinnacle of expression becomes worship.  For me, this looking at nature is itself worship.  There is this energy that moves between seer and seen that is normally unseen and unknown that now rarefies the air and brings the moment into a point of suspension.  The grace of art is that there are no rules.  In not having rules, we are more free to be open to “it” being anything.  And you know, it most often usually is.