Classes At Stafford Art Glass – Daylong Intensive

The Daylong Intensive Class at Stafford Art Glass is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of hot glass in a fun and supportive environment.  For beginners, there is no better way to satisfy your curiosity about this ancient craft that is part art and part alchemy!
What’s Included
The course begins with a review of safety guidelines and the tools and equipment used to make hot glass.  After a brief introduction, guests are taken right into the making of their first object; the ornament and sun catcher.  We work throughout the day on correct methods and techniques while also enjoying the process of creating beautiful objects in glass.
Each student learns how to gather glass from the furnace, shaping, as well as applying color to the clear glass coming from the furnace.  The glass is heated at the reheating furnace and working together, the student and teacher work to blow the ornament or sun catcher ball.  A hanger is then put on with hot glass and the piece is put in an annealing oven where it will cool slowly.
The next piece is the paperweight, which will include all of the same color applications and shaping processes as the ornament but in a solid piece of glass.  A wide variety of shapes have been made during these classes from egg shaped, spheres, and disks.  We include techniques that include solid jewel colors, powder applications, and even cane work.  There is a color palette available at the studio.
There are a number of options available to students based on their interests.  In some cases, flower have been made, in others we have worked on making tumblers.  While tumblers take more time, they also provide the student with the widest range of skills for glassblowing and helps to set the stage for then learning how to make vases.  Having your own drinking glass is also pretty cool.
NOTE:  Our weekend or two-day intensive includes these items while expanding the range of forms possible including sculptural glass, yard ornaments, bowls, flowers, as well as abstract sculptural pieces.
Discounts Available
Students continue to come out for these classes because of the broad range of possibilities provided.  Students have a gallery and a working studio where work can be viewed in various stages of completion.  All participants also receive 30% off all glass made at the studio in the gallery or in the workshop.
There are also discounts available to groups who help us to set up classes by bringing friends, coworkers, and family.  The cost for this class is $220.00 per person and has a four person minimum for forming a class.  If you bring friends or family with y0u, there is a $30.00 discount available per person that you bring.  You can keep this discount for your own or spread the discount to all other participants when coming as a group. Classes are considered a service and are not taxable, so you save an additional 5% when purchasing a class.  If you are a student with a valid student I.D. you can save an additional 10% after all discounts have been applied.
See us on Facebook (stafford art glass) or contact us directly for promotions for classes that can save you up to 50% off the regular list price for classes!
Requirements for classes are no open-toed shoes and all-cotton clothing.  No synthetics should be worn.  Wear comfortable clothes.  A long sleeved shirt over a t-shirt is advisable for maximum comfort.  Ages 13 and up may participate in our daylong classes.  Work made must be annealed and also finished and can be either picked up three days after the class, or we can ship your items to you.  Stafford Art Glass provides bottled drinking water for all participants.
Purchase can be made with cash, check, or charge.  Stafford Art Glass accepts Visa and Mastercard.  Reservations for specific days can be made via email or phone by sending email to or text/call (540) 605-0034.