Parker May 13, 2014

Creativity, The Brain, and Enlightenment

I have been interested in the nature of creativity for a very long time. …

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Parker April 17, 2014

The Inescapable Inscape!

The Inscape Geode!

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Parker April 14, 2014

A New Creative Paradigm?

More updates on the new work on creativity!

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Parker March 12, 2014

American Made Alliance

Today I am sharing about an advocacy group whose goals are to assist small…

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Parker March 11, 2014

The Wild World Web & Copyright Protection

It has increasingly become common for people to feel as though the images of…

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Parker March 9, 2014

Money Killed My Parrot!

This is something I have dealt with in my own professional life, sometimes continue…

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Parker February 12, 2014

The Day We Fight Back: Protest NSA Surveillance on Your Blog

Unconstitutional intrusions on our communications when we consider them private are violations of very…

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Parker January 2, 2014

A Christmas Gift

This year I began to use Facebook more as a way to try and…

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Parker January 1, 2014

How We Do It

Recently while looking through some stats for my site I noticed that there was…

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Parker September 11, 2012

Finding Inspiration

Artist often speak of seeking inspiration, or going to “find” inspiration. They take off,…

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Parker August 22, 2012

Art 204 Breaking Cognitive Biases

Part of the course I teach at a local university is helping my students…

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Parker June 13, 2012

How To Effectively Sell Your Work

Selling your work is one of the most critical aspects of making it as…

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Parker February 7, 2012

The Soul Of Glass

I wanted to start talking about glass, to explain what interests me as an…

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Parker February 6, 2012

Designing Control

Update – 3/4/2014 In light of the Snowden revelations, this old post becomes remarkably…

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Parker January 16, 2012

The Exquisite Object

I’d like to take a moment and explain a little about this blog, what…

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