Parker June 11, 2021


Nautilus Series Nautilus is a color effect and this series comes in various vessel…

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Parker February 5, 2019

Watch Ornament Making on YouTube

A quick video I shot to show many of the steps involved in making…

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Parker May 9, 2017

We See What We Are

The only mirror of truth is the one residing in you: keep it clean…

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Parker April 20, 2017

A New Logo

It’s hard to believe that I began teaching seven years ago. After a serious…

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Parker February 4, 2017


Art is the only lie I have ever enjoyed getting away with.

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Parker December 28, 2016

Glass Cleaning Tips

Tips for how to clean glass from a glass pro.

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Parker April 22, 2016

The Poet's Billow - A Resource For Poets

a resource for moving poetry Source: About Us

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Parker March 8, 2016

"Life beginning Over Again" Renew!

Retreats! Give a look at this post by a fellow blogger…

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Parker February 11, 2016

A World OF Delicious (FREE) Digital Content

  Museums today are in a state of rapid change.  They are changing due…

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Parker April 9, 2015

Biomorphic Abstraction For ARTS306

Today I am putting up some images for my students in their 3-D course…

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Parker March 3, 2015

The Promise Of The Creative

Many years ago I had a series of dreams where Picasso would show up…

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Parker November 4, 2014

AirBnB CEO on the Sharing Economy

Burning Man and the sustainability of sharing. To be fair, this is an old…

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Parker August 28, 2014

Make No Excuse

We don’t need to make excuses for ourselves…..nor for what we suspect or feel…

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Parker May 27, 2014

Glass Garden

Images from the exhibition The Glass Garden designed, made, and installed by students in my ARTS204 (sculpture) class in the Peterson Hall Courtyard.

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