Parker February 4, 2017


Art is the only lie I have ever enjoyed getting away with.

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Parker September 28, 2014

The Role Of Art Education In Art

Over the last four years I have been teaching at the university level.  This…

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Parker August 30, 2014

Find It In The Moment

It is possible to know the inspired in the moment.  It is possible to…

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Parker July 27, 2014

When I awoke, I...

Perfect words for a day like today….full of Wind and promise. When I awoke,…

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Parker March 21, 2014

Creativity Made Simple

Do you want to be more creative? This post points out two very fundamental elements that you need in order to be more creative.

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Parker March 10, 2014

The Creative Promise

How is love and creativity the same? How can we take what we know about one and learn about the other? Is love a creative act? Is the creative an act of love?

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Parker January 23, 2014

Journey Glass

All of life is a journey.  We come, we grow, And we go.  In…

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Parker July 4, 2013


I have spent years studying inspiration as part of being an artist. Very recently…

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Parker March 1, 2013

A Designing Soul

We create for hosts of reasons, and creativity itself is in no way limited…

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