Campaign Is Live (with Links)

The campaign is now up and running and in the time it took to get over here to post this, I have gotten my first donation already for my campaign Lighting The Gaia Lamp on
For those not familiar, this is a crowdfunding campaign.  It means that I am seeking the help of MANY people to give to support a project that I could not do without the help of many people who are willing to spread the word.  In fact, the success or failure of this campaign will be known in the numbers.  Maybe 1% of our population will be moved enough to give to this campaign, usually, so it is important that this 1% be reached.  Doing that is a numbers game.  It is how this will succeed.  It will be about who knows about my campaign.  I wont be able to do this without your help. My campaign is a FIXED campaign.  I either meet my goal of $5,600.00 by January 7th, or I do not get funded.  Any donations made to the campaign will be refunded by indiegogo/paypal who are the escrow holders for funds until the end of the campaign.
If you are a blogger, I encourage you to come and let’s do a trade:  share a post for sharing a post!  Or interview me if you do that kind of thing and put a story together about what I am doing.  Like the arts?  Like hot glass?  This campaign has all of that and more.  To learn the more, go to my campaign page here: