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Parker February 16, 2012

The Art Of The Find

The following is a list of found art artists that I am using for…

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Parker February 7, 2012

The Soul Of Glass

I wanted to start talking about glass, to explain what interests me as an…

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Parker February 6, 2012

Designing Control

Update – 3/4/2014 In light of the Snowden revelations, this old post becomes remarkably…

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Parker January 30, 2012

The Property Of Intellect

As artists and designers, our work is very visual.  A designer puts her work…

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Parker January 26, 2012

Where The Heart of Design Resides

It’s not often that the little guy gets a big break.  Artists often struggle…

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Parker January 16, 2012

The Exquisite Object

I’d like to take a moment and explain a little about this blog, what…

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