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Parker December 3, 2014

Sand Into Light

Learn about the campaign that changes how we use lighting and look at art glass. Parker Stafford seeks to leverage the power of the internet and community to raise funds for a bold new idea.

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Parker December 2, 2014

Campaign Is Live (with Links)

The campaign is now up and running and in the time it took to…

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Parker November 23, 2014

My Indiegogo Campaign Link (Draft Mode!)

See My campaign in draft mode! Check out the perks, read copy, offer suggestions! I am all eyes and ears! Whoot!

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Parker November 21, 2014

The Challenge Of Crowd Funding

The Challenge of Crowdfunding is in building an expanded community of supporters all interested…

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Parker November 14, 2014

The Gaia Lamp - Calling All Believers!

The Gaia Lamp Crowd funding campaign…..begins….will you be one of our believers? Help us spread the word by leveraging your blog, twitter feed, or social media to spread the word! We can do this!

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Parker November 4, 2014

AirBnB CEO on the Sharing Economy

Burning Man and the sustainability of sharing. To be fair, this is an old…

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Parker October 10, 2014

Getting Lit

A new design graces the studio as a new line of work is born. Come see what the process of creating something new is like.

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Parker October 3, 2014

Believe In Your Greatness

What is the secret to success as an artist? This entry points to some foundational issues every person, not just artists, should consider.

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Parker September 28, 2014

The Role Of Art Education In Art

Over the last four years I have been teaching at the university level.  This…

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Parker August 30, 2014

Find It In The Moment

It is possible to know the inspired in the moment.  It is possible to…

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Parker August 28, 2014

Make No Excuse

We don’t need to make excuses for ourselves…..nor for what we suspect or feel…

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Parker July 27, 2014

When I awoke, I...

Perfect words for a day like today….full of Wind and promise. When I awoke,…

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Parker July 7, 2014

New Discovery

How can the creative state transport us?

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Parker May 27, 2014

Glass Garden

Images from the exhibition The Glass Garden designed, made, and installed by students in my ARTS204 (sculpture) class in the Peterson Hall Courtyard.

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