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Parker May 25, 2016

American Glass Manufacturers Under Fire

This just in…..this article is from Architectural Glass Arts.  I am including the article…

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Parker April 22, 2016

The Poet's Billow - A Resource For Poets

a resource for moving poetry Source: About Us

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Parker March 8, 2016

"Life beginning Over Again" Renew!

Retreats! Give a look at this post by a fellow blogger…

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Parker February 22, 2016

Writing Your Educational Philosophy

This article is written for my graduate students in ART702 Studio Management at Radford…

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Parker February 11, 2016

A World OF Delicious (FREE) Digital Content

  Museums today are in a state of rapid change.  They are changing due…

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Parker January 15, 2016

Insurance For Artists

The market for insurance that caters to the arts community has been shaken up…

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Parker December 31, 2015

New Year (Glass) Wishes

Over the last few years I have been taking photographs of my glass and…

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Parker October 7, 2015

ARTS306-03 Project #1

Images from Radford University Sculpture students building using natural materials – a synthesis of the major elements of earth, water, air, and fire

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Parker April 9, 2015

Biomorphic Abstraction For ARTS306

Today I am putting up some images for my students in their 3-D course…

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Parker March 3, 2015

The Promise Of The Creative

Many years ago I had a series of dreams where Picasso would show up…

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Parker February 16, 2015

For A Snowy Day

For the last month I have been busily making ornaments (done!) and small Gaia…

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Parker January 8, 2015

Diary Of A Crowfunding Effort

  In early December after considerable thought, I decided to begin a crowdfunding effort…

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Parker December 31, 2014

Indiegogo Campaign Goal Reached

The crowdfunding campaign on is a success….with time to spare!

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Parker December 24, 2014

Crowdfunding Campaign Update!

The latest campaign update is here for the crowdfunding effort on to reopen the hotglass studio!

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Parker December 19, 2014

It Takes A Village

I am in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign to raise resources to make…

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Parker December 11, 2014

E-Book Perk-o-lation!

The indispensable guide to the care and effective lighting of art glass of all kinds is coming soon!

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