Parker March 21, 2014

Creativity Made Simple

Do you want to be more creative? This post points out two very fundamental elements that you need in order to be more creative.

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Parker March 15, 2014

Here I am

I now have a presence on Tumblr, a rather feisty sort of place where…

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Parker March 12, 2014

American Made Alliance

Today I am sharing about an advocacy group whose goals are to assist small…

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Parker March 11, 2014

The Wild World Web & Copyright Protection

It has increasingly become common for people to feel as though the images of…

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Parker March 10, 2014

The Creative Promise

How is love and creativity the same? How can we take what we know about one and learn about the other? Is love a creative act? Is the creative an act of love?

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Parker March 9, 2014

Money Killed My Parrot!

This is something I have dealt with in my own professional life, sometimes continue…

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