The Andromeda Geode is a fusion of influences spanning a lifetime interest in space, the ocean, nature, and the hidden realms of our own being. Popular because they are everything a paperweight is not: they aren't round (they more closely resemble a heart), nor smooth, nor translucent. These pieces have been used in awards, as well as becoming a quintessential gift for men who have everything. They are simply unlike anything you will likely ever see in this world or any other....

The above piece is a small gold Andromeda Geode with the bronze shell. When lit it looks like this:


If you would like to see a gallery of how these pieces are enhanced using light boxes, click here to see examples. The entire Andromeda line is designed to be lit using light boxes, small stands that will light the pieces from their interiors. The lighting highlights the air bubbles (called "air traps") and the color of the dichroic used for the galaxy/nebula will often shift or change.



The pieces are available in two sizes - small and large (3.5" dia. and 5" dia. respectively) - and a host of color combinations which include but are never limited to: blue, green, gold, purple, multi, as well as combinations like green and gold, blue and purple, and more. There are two finishes available for the outside: black and bronze. All metal-like finishes will not tarnish nor change color over time. Every piece is unconditionally guaranteed to meet my strict guidelines for quality and workmanship.